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5 Reasons People Leave Your Website in Less Than a Minute

Why do you visit websites? Whatever your answer is to this question, it should reflect in the content of your website.

You see, everyone who clicks on a website has a mission. No one clicks on random websites, just because. If there is anyone who does that, the person is weird and probably not in your target market.
When people go through your website, they’re looking for something and you need to take them from the first line of content on your website to the information they need without frustrating them.

Why do you own a website? Because everyone else does? Because an article says it’s important?
If your website is not built for the right reasons, then you may as well not have one. Your website represents your business, and it is important that people can easily find what they need, and take the action you need them to take. Is your website making it easy for visitors to access you? Read to the end and find out.

Here are a few reasons why your website may not be converting visitors;

1.       You don’t go straight to the point

Flowery words are beautiful, but people visit websites to find answers and get solutions. I’ve visited some websites to make purchases or inquiries, and key information is nowhere to be found. When people visit your website, they want information, and they want it now; no one goes to a library to look around. Tell the page visitors what they need to know about your product, service, business, or brand. Do that first.

2.       You’re talking in the vague

Using industry terms on your website shows that you know what you are talking about, but too much of it also confuses the layman/laymen/laypeople visiting your website. I find this to be a problem in several industries, but most especially businesses in tech. Sometimes, tech companies forget that their solutions are created for non-tech people, mostly, and they go on to talk excitedly about the product in a language that the user cannot understand. Simplify your message, and if you cannot, hire a content writer to do it.

3.       Your products/services are not all in one place

If you list some services up here, then take your time and then go down to list other services somewhere else, people may not see the other batch, or they’ll think you’re unserious. Segment information. When information of the same class is in one place, it is easy for the page visitor to find what they want, and make a move. When information is arranged in here-there-and-everywhere format, you discourage the page visitors, and they may leave without finding what they’re looking for.

4.       Your pages are overcrowded

Too much information is not just when you talk about the color of your snot on your website. It’s also when you say too much about one thing. You don’t have to say everything about your company on the website. Split the information into segments, and keep the information in every segment concise. True, your business, or product, or service may have so many wonderful features and benefits that make it special. However, you need to draw the line between key information and secondary information; then, you need to take everything above that line, put it in your website, and then turn the rest into blog posts and social media content.

5.       You’re not nice

When people go through your website, they’re on serious business, but they also don’t want to feel as though they are being yelled at. Be nice. In creating content for a website, use an optimistic and friendly tone. Don’t write like you’re on a podium, write like you’re talking to a person, and steadily guide them to the checkout page where they will gladly sign up because they trust you.
Website content is everything. Imagine a website with no words; you can’t. Now, imagine a website with the wrong words, or the right words in the wrong order. That’s bad. This is a good time to evaluate your website content and fix your mistakes.

Enhance your website content to ease the process for your users.
Also, stay safe.

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  1. Content is king. Brand owners underrate the power of website copies a lot. Sadly, it's a strong determinate of website conversation. Content.

    1. You're right. More brand owners should know this. The copy makes the code and what-not make sense.


I am a young, Nigerian female who does not possess the abilities and genetic disposition to reserve her comments.

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