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Observations of a Young Nigerian Female . Powered by Blogger.

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I am young, "normal" and I like to write. People say I eat too much, people don't know what they are saying.

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Self-Motivation with a Little Help

Self-Motivation with a Little Help

One of my favorite Beatles songs is With a Little Help from my Friends , and one of the most prominent lines is “I get by with a little help from my friends.” It didn’t occur to me how clever that line is until I started writing this article. You see, when you find an article or a book on self-motivation, you’re not expecting to read about help from anywhere, friends or not. You expect, like anyone would, that an article on self-motivation would talk about doing it all by yourself. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you’re going to be glad you read this. The truth is that every human, adult or not, needs to learn to motivate themselves because life demands it. There won’t always be someone to tell you that you can do it or to push you to try regardless. You won’t always have your mom, or your dad, or your sister, or your best friend around to talk you into taking action that you are afraid of. There are days that just plain suck, right? I mean everything is good, we’re all happy

 Marriage, Motherhood, and More

Marriage, Motherhood, and More

I’ve been writing this piece in my head for a very, very long time and finally, here it is, a jumble of thoughts for your reading pleasure. You may be wondering why I’m publishing an article about motherhood on my blog after writing so much on content development, copywriting and the other Cs. Is this about to become a parenting blog? I certainly hope not! But I’ve been away for so long the last time I published an article was January, and so I think some catching up is in order. I started this blog because I needed a place to express myself. Like every writer, my head can become so clogged with thoughts and memories that I can’t do anything worthwhile until I’ve written them out. This is one of those times. I’ve had the most alien experiences of my life in this year, not bad experiences, just alien, strange, different from what I know. If you have been following this blog, you know the theme is “Whatever’s going on in Anita’s head” and in the past, that has ranged from literatur

The 10 Basic Rules of Freelancing

The 10 Basic Rules of Freelancing

Freelancing for Newbies   1.      Know Your Work 2.      Communicate   2 3.      Have Proof   2 4.      Schedule Your Work    2 5.      Know Your Limits   2 6.      Stay Informed    3 7.      Be Nice   3 8.      Put Yourself Out There   3 9.      Respect Deadlines   3 10.      Keep in Touch    3 Freelancing is working without the limitations of a contract binding you to one company. Freelancing allows you to work for diverse firms, getting to know diverse people and soak in different work cultures. It allows you to choose the projects you want to work on. A lot of people who work for one company (and I’m not dissing your 9-5) may eventually find out that they have been working on the same thing every day. A lot of 9-5ers (and this completely depends on where you work) find their work to become monotonous and they start to feel like they are not developing their abilities, because there are no new challenges. Freelancers do not have that problem. As a freelance

16 Working Girl Purse Essentials

16 Working Girl Purse Essentials

  My Secret to Always Being Ready First things first, if you’re Nigerian, this article is about your handbag. Purses are messy. They don’t start out like that, but one week after you’ve organised your purse, you can’t find a pen no matter what you do. It’s always the pen, always. This is quite normal, but if you are a boss girl like I like to think that I am, you can’t afford to have no pen in your bag. Working girls have real needs for their purses that exceed phone, money and lip gloss, even though we need those too. To start with, the size of the purse can’t be the size of your typical hermes bag. Your everyday purse has to have enough space to take in the important things without looking bulky. So, you better take your eyes off all those tiny purses that only have space for coins. Save them for the weekend, but if you’re like me, even the weekend needs an everything purse. In fact, I should call them the entrepreneur bags, or career purses, or executive purses? I’ll sort out t

I am a young, Nigerian female who does not possess the abilities and genetic disposition to reserve her comments.

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