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Getting out of the Friendzone

 How to Turn Followers into Buyers

The Art of Seduction

Underwear - lacy. Colors - black, red. Holes - discreet, deliberate holes. Hair - wild. Makeup - accentuating. Facial expression - naughty, petulant, or clueless. Silky strings everywhere.

What is one thing that can be said about this? It’s intentional.

I don’t know how men do it, but for women, seducing a man may look effortless, but a lot of thought goes into it. It’s planned. If you think your girlfriend is being seductive without trying, it’s because she’s just that good at it.

Whether it’s in a t-shirt and shorts, a silk nightgown or even a towel, seduction is a practiced art and more than anything, it’s planned.

No matter how beautiful the girl is, if she really wants to “get down” with the guy, she has to be purposeful about it.

If motivating sex that gives brief pleasure takes so much planning, why do you think converting your audience to buyers will just happen?

How to Get out of the Friend-zone (or Get Buyers)

  1. Show up

Visibility does not just happen, it’s created. You have to show up, be in your target audience’s faces constantly. Like the girl trying to get the guy, you turn up at his workplace just to say hi, you show up at his favorite restaurant in your best dressed, you show up at his house with the delicious meal you “made too much of”.

Get out there. Post content that makes your target audience like you more and more so much more that they cannot imagine working with any other brand in your niche.

It’s like how your parents tell you in your 30s to go out because no one is going to find you in the house. Just going out to church once weekly like posting once in a while is ok, but it makes you easily forgettable. That’s not who you want to be. You want to be the brand about which people say “oh i see their posts all the time, i’d like to work with them” just like people might say “oh yeah i see that girl all the time, i’d like to get to know her better”.

  1. Be consistent

There’s nothing more off-putting than a bipolar-acting girl. Super cheerful and all over you today, withdrawn and petulant the next day. From a distance, I’ve watched girls in an effort to get the guy, act all lovey-dovey one day and then the next day start acting snobbish and playing hard to get, maybe because they’re feeling like they did too much.

When creating content for a new brand, the first thing I always do is create a brand style guide. The reason for this is to establish the look and feel of the brand. That way, whoever is working on content for the brand, whether writer, designer, photographer or web developer; that person knows what feeling the brand should evoke.

Most girls who act weak and helpless today then strong and independent the next day mostly do it because they think it’s what the guy might like. What they don’t know is that the right guy would like whoever they actually are.

When your brand is selling with comedy one day and selling with emotional stories the next, your audience will lose interest. Not because what you’re selling is bad, but because of how you’re selling it. They can’t relate to you. They don’t feel like they know you.

Know who you are and be that. If your brand is going to educate, do that; if it’s going to make people laugh, do that; if you’re the sassy brand, be that.

  1. Have a plan

How are you going to pull off this seduction? Attracting is a step-by-step process. What are your steps? 

I see so many people “just post” without a clear strategy guiding what they put out. 

A content strategy is not a waste of time. It really is not.

If I try to seduce my husband without planning it out, here’s a few things that might happen;

I could forget to set the mood and only focus on my look. This will affect the impact of my seduction techniques, because there I am walking out of the bathroom looking sexy, but the room smells because his gym bag is open and hasn’t been unpacked, the room is hot because there’s no open window and I didn’t turn on the AC, I didn’t lock the door and my son runs in with a book, and a spiritual warfare song is playing on his phone.

You might be wondering how this applies to content creation, but the fact is that if you don’t have a content strategy, your content is random and it’s not timely.

You miss out on important world events that your audience cares about. You don’t target your audience properly because you haven’t actually sat down to observe and note what your audience likes and what bothers them. So you’re out there giggling in a short skirt for a guy who is turned on by smart, modest women.

  1. Your come hither look does not replace the saying

No matter how seductive you’ve been, some guys still won’t touch you until you actually say “touch me”. There’s nothing wrong with them, they just need a reminder that the seduction is not just for them to watch and enjoy, and they they need to actually do something.

In the same way, the most beautiful storytelling techniques might get you a lot of followers but for a lot of people, you’re going to need to actually say, “buy now”.

A call-to-action may seem unnecessary, after all, it should be pretty obvious. But it’s not always obvious and not a lot of people remember that they actually need what you’re selling until you remind them to buy. Some might know that they should buy but the way social media works, we’re reading /watching a lot of stuff. So we’re just used to enjoying the content and moving on to the next thing. When a person gets into that autopilot phase, they need a prompt. That’s why the phrase, call to action, exists; to remind people to take action. Use them. Remind them to buy now, save for later, send to someone who needs it, or whatever you need them to do.

Finally, some of my analogies may seem weird but the fact is that generating leads is just like seduction. It is an art, but it can be mastered, but it absolutely has to happen if you’re going to get what you want. A lot of times, seduction is subtle, but it takes a lot of work below the surface. Sales does not always look like sales; sometimes, it looks like educating, engaging, and entertaining. Just like you might light a candle and put on some music like you’re just trying to get comfortable, or change to “something more comfortable” to show some skin.

A good product sells itself, but good looking people get friendzoned all the time. As a business owner, you don’t want your product to be the thing people admire but never buy. If that were the case, you’d put it in a museum. You need to be dedicated and intentional about selling your product or it won’t happen as well or as often as it should.

Get out, make it clear who you are, know who you’re attracting, be authentic, and don’t forget to say what you want them to do.



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