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Observations of a Young Nigerian Female . Powered by Blogger.

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I am young, "normal" and I like to write. People say I eat too much, people don't know what they are saying.

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Geography Acquitted

“Where are you from?”


“You’re not serious”

If I got 100 Naira every time I’ve had this conversation, I’d be writing on a new hp pavilion PC and not a borrowed Acer notebook.

I live in Aba, Abia State and considering the kind of publicity we get, our motto should be:  
Aba...business, bad roads and bad governance
You’re not even surprised by this, because, when you read Aba, you first thought of bad roads.

As an average girl that lives in Aba, this is supposed to be my routine:

Be born ==> go to school ==> after secondary school, participate in computer training for a year ==> study whatever the school system throws at me ==> graduate ==> marry ==> have kids ==> start one business ==> continue

I am not supposed to...

  • ·         Learn to use the computer on my own

  • ·         Enjoy the mentalist

  • ·         Understand Passenger or James Arthur

  • ·         Find enjoyment in John Grisham’s pages

  • ·         Quote Gandhi

  • ·         Be dissatisfied with the thought of a degree in Religious Studies

  • ·         Want to have a rubik's cube

  • ·         Want to own a dog

  • ·         Not be interested in owning a big shop

  • ·         Conceive the thought of writing for a living

...among other things...

At this point, I have to confess that I’ve forgotten the point of this post. So, on a totally unrelated subject, have you seen Turtle Taido? Can you do the Turtle Taido dance? No? OK

I think what I’m trying to say is, where you are, geographically, might inhibit you, just a little bit, but it is your choice to stay in its grip. You don’t have to leave where you are to be great, you can be awesome wherever you are. Humans of earth, we relax too much. We sink into the soft couch of stereotypes and regularity too eagerly. Nobody got anywhere by being average. There’s nothing wrong with average, but, we can’t all be equal. No fun in that.

Now, I’m not sure I passed my message across successfully, so, I’m going to shut down this computer and contemplate the effects of lack of sleep.

© Picture by Jklef Pikshures

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I am a young, Nigerian female who does not possess the abilities and genetic disposition to reserve her comments.

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