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I am young, "normal" and I like to write. People say I eat too much, people don't know what they are saying.

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Music Review - Grateful by BMG

I do not review music, never have.

I heard this song though. Oh! I heard this song. It was amazing in a way that not everyone would understand.

Let me describe.

This song is calm. There is no background noise. There is no vocal muscle flexing, no jazzy "yeah yeah yeah yeah", no long guitar solo or loud saxophone, no noise, just peaceful melody. The sound just washes over you like a wave; a wave of cool, fresh water on a hot day.

The song is clear. This song is see-through; like a clear glass of clean water. You don’t need to strain to hear the words. It comes right out at you and flows into your soul.

This song is like a young, good looking, confident woman; it isn't trying too hard. this song just happens, and leaves you with the choice to pay attention or to not.

This song does something to you. You can’t just listen to the song. It pulls at something in your spirit, and you can actually feel the tug in your chest. You’ll suddenly feel the need to raise your hands and close your eyes.

This number by the gospel band, BMG, is titled Grateful, and gratefulness is exactly what you feel when you listen to this song.

True, the chorus is a remake of an old Igbo praise song, but it is nothing like what Evangelist Mark used to sing to the sound of trembling tambourines and clapping hands. No. This is different. Not better, just different, in a great way.

The voice of the lead singer is filled with so much soul that you can imagine his face breaking out with happiness as he sings.

On a day when everything is going the wrong way, and all your plans have leaped out the window, you’re going to listen to this song and find yourself remembering good things that have happened to you. On a day with nothing but gray clouds overhead, you’re going to listen to this song, close your eyes and find nothing but clear skies with a bright hint of sun.

There is just so much feeling in the song that you cannot help but feel too.

I got download links. Thank me now, not later. Also, let me know what you think.





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