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I am young, "normal" and I like to write. People say I eat too much, people don't know what they are saying.

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New Year Intervention!

This is the 30th of January, and I'm making a new year post right now.
You know that whole new year, new life thing we do? I'm not feeling it this year.
I woke up grateful on the morning of 1st January grateful to be alive. I got out of the usual bed, pulled on the usual sweat shirt over my T-shirt and walked out of the usual bedroom to the usual sitting room to have the usual family devotion session, with the usual people.
Frankly, I'm bored.
This is the 30th day of 2018 and everyday looks the same. Oga lecturer, the one that has a pot belly and wears tight clothes, is in the class, distributing the handouts we paid too much for.
Have you ever had so much to do, you didn't know what to do? That's how I feel right now.
I'll let you in just a little bit.
I have to study. Boy, do I have to study! Being an English and literature student means I have about 35 recommended texts, fat books that I don't expect to finish before exams. Exams start in 6 days. Did I mention the term papers? Well, there it is.
I have to create content for somebody's new blog. This one is work o! Real work! I have to learn to use one digital product like that before I can do it.
I have to create content for my own blog and social media pages. This one, I keep pushing to the back of the list.
Et Cetera. You don't need to know everything.
This year, my most used phrase has been, "I can't coman goan kill myself". You'd think with all of this, I've been very busy, staying up nights, studying every minutes and working when I'm not studying. Far from it! I've been chilling. I've been sleeping too much and watching too many movies, telling myself and others I'm busy.
Sincerely, I need an intervention.
Now, let me tell you what this long post is about. I discovered this happens a lot, to a lot of people, probably even you. Here's what we're going to do
i) Make a schedule: We're going to set down the where, when and how of all our tasks.
Example: Tomorrow after my class by 12pm, I'm going to research my project topic.
ii) Put all of the tasks in a checklist: I'm not sure how important this is, but I really love to check boxes; sense of fulfilment and all that stuff, I guess.
iii) DO IT: We're just going to go ahead and do it. I've got all these tasks staring me in the face, I'm tired of the guilt.
I'm doing this so someone else knows I'm being lazy and so shame will make me get to work.
Let me know how it goes, aiit?
Let's do this!!!
Talk to you later.

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