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Observations of a Young Nigerian Female . Powered by Blogger.

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I am young, "normal" and I like to write. People say I eat too much, people don't know what they are saying.

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Long Distance by Comet

Here I lean on this bridge,
Watching the waters dance
To the music of the wind.
Watching these pedestrians,
Having fun in the heat of the sun;
Not afraid of bleaching black.
Admiring families,
sitting and sharing hearts:
Saying the necessary and unnecessary.
Still alone on this bridge,
I'm left to wool gather in the pain and emptiness I feel, 

being away from my comfort zone, in such a long time.
I have robbed myself of Joy.
My family have agreed on my exile.
They are comfortable with the inconveniences.
I have become a stranger-child,
In my friend's father-land...

I want to amplify my voice
And cry to my heart,
where only mum would hear,
And tell her that
I want to lie on her laps again,
And feel the warmth of her palms
On my cheek and chin.
I miss my home.
I miss my joy.

I called out to you, mum
In my hallucinations
And you heard my thoughts
And told me that it would be fine.
I saw dad fighting to hold back tears
That competed to drop first,
When he heard your words to me.
I saw him leave to pick his glasses: he's a man, he must not cry.

Peace said things I cannot remember.
It dawned on me, when I read through memories
That she wasn't satisfied with my absence.
There's nobody she'd be confiding in,
Nobody to bear her odds. Goodness was fine with his friends,
Until he realised he had no theft-partner.
Senior's kitchen would be closely watched.
He couldn't stand the thoughts of being a gentleman for a long time.
I'll not be around for our cat and rat games.
He'll miss me.
Then, Mrs Joy said she was good:
Her husband and two children were there.
She'd not miss me so much.
But, how about our times together ?
Those times I'd sneak into her wardrobe to "steal" clothes and shoes,
And she'd shout, but to no avail.
Our moments of heart to heart talks...
She'd miss me too.

I'm fine, mom.
I'm fine.
Although It feels different to be far away,
But, I'm fine.


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I am a young, Nigerian female who does not possess the abilities and genetic disposition to reserve her comments.

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